Lauryn Hill bounces back with ‘Repercussions’

She is back! and boy am I glad, although looking very different reformed and not as eccentric as we knew her. Lauryn Hill who has been on a break since the release of her Award winning Album ‘The Mis-education of Lauryn Hill’.
Repercussions is the name of her new single. I would say her legendary raspy voice & style are still very much with her.

“There’s been such a long period of time where I haven’t been able to communicate where my mind is, where my consciousness is, where my ideas are,” Lauryn Hill told MTV News last weekend, following her performance at Rock The Bells in New York.

Talking of this come back, it seems to be an ongoing trend with the pioneers of the Neo-Soul movement/genre. Erykah badu is another Icon who has shed her signature head wrap, platforms and long dresses and early on in the year, Maxwell made a comeback, lost the unkempt afro and the retro funk look to suits.
Whats happening, somebody fill me in!

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