A Recap of TEDx Nairobi; Green City in the Sun

The much anticipated TEDx Nairobi was on Saturday at the National Museum of Kenya’s Leakey Auditorium.

The event brought together the Nairobi Tech community, Environmentalists, architects, media personalities among many more from different areas of interest for an afternoon of talks on The Green City in the Sun. The turnout was quite amazing and am informed that the organizers were actually worried about an overflow as all seats had been fully booked yet by Saturday mi-day, there were still some last minute signups. Luckily, some who had booked did not show thus everyone got somewhere to sit.

The event started promptly with Juliana Rotich @Afromusing being the MC of the day. I was among the speakers/performers with a poem befitting the event , ‘When Change Comes’ (get a copy of my book if you liked the poem)

Seeing that Maina has given a very good chronological review of the even in his blog ‘The Trot and the Run,I will focus on what struck me as exemplary and what the organizing team might need to re-consider for next years TEDx event.

a. Venue
The Good
The Leakey Auditorium at the National Museum was quite central unlike the British Council, the venue that was used for the first TEDx.
It was able to hold a huge capacity whilst still ensuring that everyone got a view of the projected presentations on stage.
The Ugly
The generator at the venue was a huge disappointment as it had a delay of about 2 mins or so. This proved to be a nightmare when the mains power went off about twice while speakers were going through their presentations. With the projector powering off, there was a delay before it could reboot.
I am sure next time a UPS unit for the projector or a venue with immediate switch over generator will be considered.
In the afternoon, there seemed to be a very irritating noise emanating from either the basement or back of the auditorium that made one want to start looking for the nearest exit. It even made the building shake. Its only much later towards the end that it died out.

b) Entertainment
The good
It was impressive and very encouraging to note that my performance was well taken despite the fact that poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks to the team for inviting me and to the tweet community for all the love during the performance.
The Ugly
The dance routine by the salsa duo did not seem to augur well with the audience. fact is that, we can never outdo the latinos who are the masters of Salsa, Merengue, Cha cha cha and all those other dances, so why attempt to?
It would have been great to stick to what we are best at, either traditional dancers like Sarakasi or a group like Just a band who have managed to blend music and technology(they were actually in attendance)

All in all, it was a great event that enabled many like me to create networks, inspire, get inspired and most of all, learn something new.

Kudos to the organizing team for a wonderful event.

Check out a Photo stream  of the event by ZuluSafari and another by  Joshua Wanyama

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