Final Day of Jukwaani Festival; Story Telling of Living Memories

Today was the third and final day of the Jukwaani Festival that has been running from Friday 24th at the Goethe Institut and Alliance Francaise Auditoriums.

It was a day for story telling for the young as well as the old.

Redraft was the first session starting off the afternoon. It brought together tellers of the old time folktales in an afternoon of mystical world of yore of a time when animals could talk. To start off the performance was  Jacob Oketch who also doubles as a poet and Kish Okoti.

Hellen Alembe giving a story on Anansi

The story of the hyena and hare titled ‘Chagua Rafiki’ told of hare’s trickery in using the hyena to do all the work during for every harvest only to walk away with all the harvest was quite captivating and the songs that were used in the story got alot of the children in the audience singing along. The  moral of the story was to be wise when choosing friends. This story was narrated by two ‘Young Tellers’, John Titi and Newton Kweya.

The story of Anansi and how he got to have stories named after him. He is one of Africa’s biggest folklore characters. The story was told by Alumbe Helen

The session ended with a story from the audience with none other than Muthoni Garland sharing a story at the request of Aghan Odero who was the show’s curator.

Living Memories is a book on true stories of ordinary people who lived in an extraordinary time. Based on interviews conducted by Al Kags, the staged depiction of four of the stories from the book was curated by Muthoni Garland and directed by Peter Mudamba.

True stories of Mau Mau veterans, Sifa Zaida, and other Kenyan’s whose gave stories of  interesting accounts of their lives with some well known personalities during the pre-independent Kenya,

The stories told in drama by 9 actors with some doubling as story tellers, seemed to come to life bring the audience to laughter.

A repeat performance of the play ‘Mwana Mdogo wa Mfalme’ was staged at the Alliance for those who missed the Friday show.

To wind up the festival was the Koroga performance curated by Betty Muragori and performed by Nyambura Githongo, Phyllis Muthoni, Tony Mochama(Smitta) and Sitawa Namwalie. The performance included a projected slide show of selected Koroga photographs.

This show is part of an ongoing collaboration between 3 countries(Kenya, US & UK) with the main show at the Sarakasi Dome on the 29th Sept.

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