Tandawazi 2010- A Fest of Dance, Music & Martial Arts 29th – 4th Dec 2010

Ndanu a fellow poet and member of the organising committee would like to invite you to Tandawazi 2010, a festival of dance, music and martial arts which shall take place in Nairobi from 29th November – 4th December 2010 at the National Museum of Kenya.

The festival celebrates Kenya’s artistic and creative diversity through music and movement. Part of the proceeds from Tandawazi will be used to in realising Project Baraza i.e. building of Community Youth Centres (CYCs) that provide young people with a safe haven for positive expression and growth. Currently, Project Baraza aims to build the second floor of the Ongoza Njia Community Centre in Huruma where community and art-focused activities such as Capoeira take place.

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