Poem: Conversations by Dennis Inkwa

I really do….I really do.
I enjoy Conversations
When we try get it out there in the open,
So that others may hear and others may note it down with a pen.
I talk…every time, all the time
Whether floating in currency or brutally broke.
I talk that kind o f talk…
Walk that kind of walk.

But don’t talk to me about your Mercedes so sleek
The one you illegally acquired within a week,
Because these are the conversations that really make me sick,
You say it gives you a kick when they say our economy is weak!!
You say the trick is just to flick a coin and that has the same effect
As a virgin chic seeing a thick……(dick!!)
They will fear you? But I don’t…
See my abilities are psychic
And I see you and your clique
are the reason Kenya’s economic future is …bleak
So please…. Don’t talk to me!

Your house…s o big
It has become a tourist attraction
CDF responsible for its construction
As a result,
You paralyse your own people’s and their systems of production
Then you sit back and smile with satisfaction.
Election year, you have the balls to try woe me into your faction.
But I will resist that suction,
And instead I will instigate mass action,
And you will see the reaction….
Loud….Big…Red….Hot…like a volcanic eruption.
Then instead of those long monthly statements of your foreign bank account transactions…
All you’ll be getting are legal sanctions
And numerous court injunctions
So please…..dont talk to me.

Because we…
We are tired of individuals looting public coffers
Living in plush residences complete with leather sofas
Illegally owning fleets of cars as I bought during….buy-one -get-on -free offers
The rich get richer while the poor man continuously suffers.
We… are tired of this system criminalizing poverty
Its illegal in this country not to afford a cup of tea
Upholding the law means illegally amassing land wealth and other property
And if you’re this type of individual….
Please….don talk to me.

But we are also to blame,
Lettting these corruptible corruption agencies
Like the KACC and the other international one called Transparency
Not to act with any urgency.
The judicial system does not help either.
To corrupt individuals they are always granting clemency
Discarding their cases with expediency
And for their leniency
They get remunerated….and sometimes in Armenian currency.

So I ask you today,
In fighting graft, where is the efficiency?

You are not answering because you know you are a part of this rotten legacy!
And so, before you change your attitude…
Before you change the situation…..

All rights Reserved©Dennis Inkwa


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