Western Cannibalization of Public Space

Mid last month I bumped into a discussion on media and politics at Goethe sponsored by some self proclaimed patrons of the ‘liberal arts’. This potpourri of professors, journalists, donors and recipients laid the basis for pulsating counter-intellectualism; half asleep half awake I tried as I could to catch on to some phraseologies in the genealogy in which they were belched out by our high minded discussants… in staccato…

“Think media
Despair thinking
Media is business…”
“Generational change
Talk shows
Social talk
Sex talk
Salary scales
Good looks
CNN journalists
Pulse magazine…”
“Give people what they want
Blind wildebeests
Fish market
Bunge la mwananchi
American revolutionary
Freedom of expression…”
“Dissenting voices
Divisive politics
Hate speech
Self cannibalization…
Fait accompli…
Beauty and the microphone”
(No wonder freedom of the press and democracy are held to be the highest virtues in Westernized societies)

By Poe T Kritik

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