Album Review: Sol Filosofia- Sauti Sol

As I drove down the Rift valley escarpment, I threw in my sol Filosofia album into the CD compartment and my car roared to life. The sweet melodious beats of the first song ‘Mbinguni’ (heaven) made me step on the gas harder than I expected. Blame it on excitement of having bought this album and taking it for a drive. Our first date. This song is the best to usher in the heavenliness of this acoustic African filled album.

The album

This is their sophomore album and it is different from the first album in many ways. The maturity can be felt in the creation and execution resulting to life.
The next tune that follows is a slow sweet expression of how a lady ought to be treated ‘Malaika’ (angel). It can be a good make up song if the dude messed up and realized and you need a local song that you can sing along to as you fake a tear.

Coming home’ has been well received in the local media and has recorded over 44,530 hits on You Tube. It is a narration about leaving a loved one and going away for a while with the knowledge of returning to being with them trying to infuse the fact that even though you left you are constantly thinking of them and longing to come back where your heart is. The lingala tune makes it awesome to dance to (if you are holding someone).

The tempo picks up with the zulu like tune in the next song ‘Soma Kijana’ which is more like a lecture on patience and hope. (I love the dance in the video). This song got me a girl once. I won’t say more.
As always, there is a track that goes ‘spiritual’. I have found this a common thing with music under the Penya lebal.. The song that gets me to the bones and proves that my two left feet can defy orders and try to dance is ‘Nambe’ a luhya tune about life. The chorus can get a dead man out of the grave for a jig.

If you are thinking of proposing to someone and you want a sure yes then do it when ‘L.A.D.Y’ is playing coz it will work magic. With lines like, “I look at you, the raising sun I see, every ray beholds the beauty you bear….” How can you get a no with such lines?

The album has 12 tracks and all are worth listening to as it is well executed. The album is very well laid out as the music begins with a high tempo and eases down through the album giving a wavy feel of dance igniting music and slowdowns before taking a reggae tune towards the end. The album was produced by Robert Wawesh Kiboy

Sauti sol

Sauti soul is a well known acoustic band singing what is commonly known as afro-fusion composed of Bien-Aime Baraza, Willis Chimano, Delvin Mudigi and Polycarp Otieno. With three of its members having being a part of a gospel group in Upper hill high school.

Would I advice you to buy it? Yes of course I would. I actually have a copy and if it was not for my financial handicap I would have another one besides it. Its great value for money and a pleasant gift too for many of the ladies I know.
Note: if you have recently been dumped please do not listen to ‘Sofia’, it will move you to tears.

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Review by Robert Mahebo

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