DJ Eric; Of being a Podcast DJ & The Neo Soul Mixes- An Upclose Interview

As I mentioned Nay, hysterically blubbered on twitter, I finally got to know the guy behind those lovely Neo Soul Podcasts.

I cornered him and had this chat with him;

“1st I’d like to say that its a pleasure to finally get to know you. When I first heard your podcast mixes, I didn’t believe that you were actually Kenyan. Good work you are doing online.”

KP Just who is DJ Eric?
I am a very simple guy actually. Very shy too. Lol.
I hate the lime light and publicity. I prefer being behind the scenes. This is probably why you haven’t heard of me locally. I never ever talk on the Mic by the way. I always tell my friends the music I play speaks for me. 🙂

Are you a full time DJ?
Yes I am a full time DJ

What kind of music do you specialize in?
I am an all round DJ. I play most types of music genres

You have a podcast page, how did this start?
Well realized there was a lot of good music that was not receiving air play and most people were looking for ways to listen to that kind of music. That’s how I came up with the podcast page. To share with like minded music lovers

What inspired you to go online knowing that most Kenyan DJs are not big on Podomatic or any other podcast sites?
Well, I am an International DJ. So I needed to find a way in which all my friends in different countries would be able to get my music easily. Hence the Podomatic page.

From the podcasts on your site, most are neo soul mixes, tell us about that
I mentioned earlier that I am an all round DJ. The reason why I decided to concentrate on Neosoul is because not many online DJs were doing it. Another reason is I just love Neosoul and good RnB

On a scale of 1 – 10(1 being slight and 10 being fanatical) how would you rate your interest in Neo Soul music.
I would rate it 11 if I could. Lol! So 10 will do.

I have noticed that some of your mixes have local urban soul e.g. Sauti Sol, Didge, what are your thoughts on Kenyan music?
As you might have noticed Kenyan music has come a long way. Unfortunately a lot of Kenyan music doesn’t go past 6 months and quality lacks. A select few actually take their time to do a good job. Most Kenyan artist should emulate these select few if they desire their music to be relevant in the years to come.

What effect has going online had on your career as a DJ?
Going online is the best move I ever made for my career. It has enhanced my international status and I have and still am getting a lot of clients interested in me performing at their events all over the world. I thank god every day for this blessing!

How come you are more known online than in the local clubbing scene in Nairobi?
I personally shy away from publicity. I prefer being undercover. I don’t do clubs in Nairobi because most club owners will not pay the right rate. I mostly do private events and Corporate events.

Any hopes of hearing you play live?
If a local venue is interested in doing an event with me then definitely yes. I would jump at the chance to share my musical passion with fellow music lovers.

Where do you get the music that you play (I have never heard of some artists)
Due to my extensive travels and online interactions, I have been exposed to many talented artist trying to get their music to the masses. I just love to help them out. I also research and buy music from most of this unsigned artist.

What is your advice to any aspiring DJs?
I always tell aspiring DJs to learn and study their music before they play it.

Finally, and I know this might be a tough one, who is your favorite neo soul artist?
Yes this is a tough one. I would say Ms. Badu for now though. Ask me in a few minutes and I will have someone else in mind. Lol

Dj Erick is on Twitter as @djeric04

Below is one of his mixes, Enjoy. oh! the best part is, you can download  and load them onto your phone like I did.

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