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This is a show that draws mainly from the blog which is an artistic space for Kenyan Arts. The Podcast will mainly be featuring music, poetry, news and information on the Arts in Kenya through feature artists, interviews, poetry performances and readings. The show’s host is Njeri Wangari a renown Poet and blogger.

Njeri is working with one Raphael Kariuki aka  ‘Skipper’ . Raphael is  the show’s  editor.

Send us your comments and suggestions to; njeriwangari(@)kenyanpoet(dot)com

KenyanPoet December Show – Featuring Music byDan Chizi Aceda and Poetry by Dennis Inkwa

Artist/group: Dan Chizi Aceda
Songs: Suluwe, Songa, Umbrella
Album(s): Suluwe (2005)
Nationality: Kenyan




Artist/group: Fatoumata Diawara
Songs: Bakonoba
Album(s): Fatou
Nationality: Malian



Artist/group: Grover Washington
Songs: Mister Magic
Album(s): Mister Magic
Nationality: American





Artist/group: Dave Koz
Songs: Lullaby for a rainy Night
Album(s):  Off the Beaten path
Nationality: American





Artist/group: Adrian Evans
Songs: Same as I ever was
Album(s): Al camino
Nationality: American





Artist/group: April Hill
Songs: I wanna be free
Album(s): Love 360
Nationality: American





Artist/group: Bilal
Songs: Home
Album(s): 1st born
Nationality: American





Artist/group: Abhijeet And Anuradha Shriram
Songs: Chunari Chunari
Album(s): Monsoon Wedding
Nationality: Indian





KenyanPoet November Show – Featuring Music by Sauti Sol and Poetry by Teardrops

KenyanPoet November Show: TearDrops by KenyanPoet

Artist/group: Sauti Sol (Feature Group)
Songs: Asubuhi, Mama Papa
Album(s): Mwanzo
Nationality: Kenyan


Artist: Sauti Sol (Group)
Songs: Coming Home
Album(s): Sol Filosofia
Nationality: Kenyan

Artist: Jimmy Dludlu

Song: African Guitar Kings)

Album(s): African Guitar Kings

Nationality: South African

Artist: Zap Mama

Songs: Mupepe

Album(s): Adventures in Afropea 1

Nationality: Belgian




Artist: Goapele

Songs: Good Love

Album(s): Change it all


Artist: Res

Songs: I’ve Known the Garden

Album(s): How I do

Nationality: American


Artist: Aster Aweke

Songs: Fikhr Anesgne

Album(s): Self Title Album(Not Enough Love)

Nationality: American




KenyanPoet August  Show – Featuring Music by Carol Atemi and Poetry by Njeri Wangari

Kenyan Poet Aug show by KenyanPoet


Artist:   Carol Atemi ( Featured Artist)

Songs:  Speechless, Sokoni Mjini and Colour

Album:   Hatimaye

Nationality: Kenyan



Artist:   Kidum ( John Pierrer Nimbona)

Songs:  Mapenzi

Album:   Haturudi Nyuma

Nationality: Burndian living in Kenyan

Artist:   Salif Keita

Songs:  La Difference

Album:   La Difference

Nationality: Malian


Artist:   Ismael Lo

Songs:  Tajabone

Album:   Jammu Africa(also appearing in the Putumayo Africa album)

Nationality: Senegalese

Artist: Vusi Malesela

Songs:  Emtini Wababe

Album:   The Voice

Nationality: South African


Artist: Ayo

Songs:  Help is Coming

Album: Ayo

Nationality: Nigerian/German



Artist:   Nneka

Songs:  Africans

Album:   Victim of Truth

Nationality: Nigerian/German





  Artist:   Jimmi Dludlu

Songs:  Zavala

Album: Echoes from the past 

Nationality: South African





KenyanPoet Pilot Show – Featuring Music by Harry Kimani and Poetry by Njeri Wangari

Kenyanpoet Pilot Podcast by KenyanPoet
The Pilot Podcast Play List

Artist:   Harry Kimani (Feature Artist)

Songs:   Kenya National Anthem, Kairetu Gakwa & Nakupenda

Album:   Tuishi Mi Nawe

Nationality: Kenyan

Artist: Samite

Song: Ndere

Album: African Voices

Nationality: Ugandan


Artist: Afia Mala

Song: Segne

Album: Putumayo Presents Africa

Nationality: Togolese

Artist: Fertile Ground

Song: Be Natural

Album: Spiritual War

Nationality: U.S.A


Artist: Fena

Song: Down

Album: (in progress)

Nationality: Kenyan

Artist: Asa (pronounced Ashaa)
Song: 360 degrees
Album: Asa
Nationality: Nigerian
Artist: Lokua Kanza (collaboration with Africando)
Song: Miye Na We
Album: Mandali
Nationality:  Congolese


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Showcasing the best in the Kenyan Visual and Performance Arts. Run by Njeri Wangari a Published performance Poet, Blogger and Tech Enthusiast.