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This is an ever growing list of Kenyan Poetry blogs. If you don’t find yours in this list, kindly email me njeriwangari(at)kenyanpoet(dot)com with your blog url and what you write about.

Ms. Pam

StarlitVerse is a blog run by Awuord Adede or Ms. Pam.  She says this about herself and her writing.

“Poetry is my first love, one that defies fathomable depths, a divine passion. Maybe I should have introduced myself thus: “My name is Pam, and I love to write.” Star lit verse is the name of one of my latest collections. In its Genesis, it stood for the literal meaning. i.e a lot of what I wrote then was done at night. The stars inspired me hence the phrase star lit verse. Lately, I look at it beyond the literal view. My philosophical view is that we are all stars in our own disciplines. To find that individual element is to find a path towards happiness. My stars shine brightest when I write…and that is my path to happiness. To my valued readers: Find your star, allow it to lead you to happiness”

Joji Waiganjo


An Uprising: Poetry of Protest is a blog run by Joji Waiganjo. He describes himself thus

“I breathe all the time, think sometimes and on occasion, write. In these words I colour my world.”


” am not qualified to judge, i take everyone as they are. I love life and take every moment like its my last. I’m always ready for the unexpected.” That is Lusike from her blog http://lusiken.blogspot.com/

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