Anthony David Coming to Kenya on May 7; The Lounge Unplugged

They brought us Hill St. Soul last year for the first ever ‘Lounge Unplugged‘, this year in May they will be hosting Anthony David known for his hit  ‘Words’  featuring India Arie.

Capital FM’s  first live event in putting life to Mid Morning show ‘The Lounge’, was dubbed ‘Lounge Unplugged’. It was a huge success that  surprised not just the hosts but even Hillary Mwelwa herself (the lead singer in the group Hill St. Soul)as she didn’t think Kenyan’s actually knew her music.

With 4 albums at present, Anthony David will be having a live performance in Nairobi on May 7th. Elani, a local group that has also been making inroads in the music scene will be the opening act.

If you didn’t know Anthony David’s music, its about time you looked for his albums and save up for the show whose venue might be the Zen Garden but this is yet to be confirmed.

Enjoy this hit song ‘Forevermore’ which he featured Algebra and rapper Phonte (its abt time pple stopped playing Kenny G on their weddings………)

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