Poem: Starting A Revolution by Sanya Noel

Alone, I can write my lines
Read them to myself and just dream
If you join me, we can be two
You can offer an ear, to listen, I, a head, to nod
A third, we can dance and sing
Laugh as we read, we can exchange stanzas
One more, there can be a teacher
Correcting mistakes, nudging us on
Five of us, we can get a singer, and do acappellas, we can start a band
Ten of us, we shall be ripe to incite,
We can preach our word, we can educate the mass
A hundred, a wonderful audience,
A thousand, a movement, a poetry revolution,
We start by joining hands,
We start when we start to write, when we create a new tribe
We start when the new tribe is

The Poetic Tribe.

┬ęSanya Noel

About SanyaNoel

The mind is a conduit to the soul, a superhighway to the heart. Music is the answer to the silence, at least according to Sanya Noel, an addict to the poetry that is life. He lives tinkering with devices, dreaming of a robot takeover and dominance of the world, but he enjoys reading and writing poetry, just to postpone that date.